Why Socks?


The 1 year anniversary of Dray-Pepe was just a few days ago on October 27th 2018 and as friends and family would know, it has been a crazy year. Starting out selling two men’s belts that are still for sale on my website, I needed to find my niche group of customers that I would be able to captivate. Something I have learned in life is that it’s not about the amount of times you fall, it’s about the amount of times you fall and get back up. There are a lot of hurdles in your first year of anything especially starting a business but keep at it and everything will work out.

Now, a lot of people have wondered and some have openly asked me “Why Socks”? And as a young entrepreneur one mistake I did not want to make was cornering myself in only designing/making/selling Belts or even Leather goods. Ideally Dray-Pepe will be a well-known fashion company for men and women offering head turning fashion for people all around the world. In order to get to that point we are going to introduce one product at a time and with your help achieve that goal!

Personally as a guy who works in a corporate atmosphere I have drawn a lot of conclusions when it comes to professional attire for men vs. women. Women have a broader range in what is considered “Professional” with sleek outfits and colors that pop allowing them to express themselves. I wanted to redefine what men’s fashion is; in a recent post I wrote on LinkedIn I stated “be the exception to the rule” – As men we should not be sheltered to only grays, blacks, blues, and browns. No, I think we should be able to express ourselves by means of attire in numerous settings especially a professional setting and socks are a great way to do just that!

There are already companies out there that are designing socks for men that allow them to express themselves but sometimes those companies charge a lot of money. So I’m here to offer another option and hopefully at a more affordable price. Our sock line “Expressions” by Dray-Pepe was created for men all around the world to have an additional option when it comes to shopping for socks for work, school and even their first date. Socks say a lot about the type of personality someone has so this is an outlet for men to express their personalities in a non-flamboyant way in numerous settings. With the launch of our new website we have just released 4 new sock designs for men and 2 new sock designs for women – Shop the collection now and stay tuned for what’s next!